When you have an idea in mind for a project, you might quickly sketch it out on paper but in order to communicate the full scope of your idea, you need a blueprint. Bring your ideas to Creative Directions to talk to our skilled team of drafters. We can create the drawn-to-scale, technical drawings with detailed specifications that represent your ideas.

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Recent Projects

Canning Street Project

In 2016, we prepared plans for a total rehab of a 2568 sq. ft. single family residence in Oakland. This four-bed, three-bath house features a new exterior deck with cable railing. The plans were completed in 2016, construction took place in 2016 and 2017, and the property sold in 2017 for 1.75 million. The plans for the Canning Street Project were approved without revisions and no contractor changes were made during the process. Below are picture of the plans, and both before and after photos of the Canning Street property.

Linden Street Project

We worked with the property developer, implementing his ideas, in order to prepare plans for submittal to the City of Oakland to approve an addition at the rear of this single-family dwelling on Linden Street. These plans were completed in late 2017, and the construction and selling of the property took place in early 2018. The plans for the Linden Street project were approved with one submittal, and no plan revisions were necessary during the duration of the project. The project was also in part one of interior design, including renovations to the kitchen, bath, and master suite. Photos of both the plans and the property post-construction can be found below.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality design drawings and permit assistance for the graphic and technical design industry.